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Sad Childhood of Mine: Being Bullied

(Esther’s Series of Stories: Tragedy of Mine)

I was being bullied and yes, I was being bullied for one and a half year.

When I was seven, I was being bullied for a long time – one and half a year. I didn’t understand why and I was always so nice to my classmates, but they just didn’t like me and decided to bully me.

At first, they pulled some tricks on me and then laugh at how I fall for their “traps”.

“Perhaps, they are just being funny,” I thought to myself, “and…

Most people may ask me, “What is the most important part in learning programming?”. Some may argue that one’s knowledge in computer is the most important part, while some may argue that the syntax of the programming language is the most important part.

Yet, I’d say problem solving skills and logical thinking are the most important parts in learning programming.

Instead, I want you to comment down below and tell me your own stance and make an elaboration to support your own stance. There is no right or wrong. Join if you want to!

Gender Stereotype is the established view of images about each of the genders. Adolescents who grow up in traditional societies are unconsciously affected by these gender concepts. If their personal characters are different from these gender stereotypes, their self esteem will be relatively low.

Common Gender Stereotypes in The Society we are living today:

  1. Men work and earn money, women do housework and take care of children.
  2. Men aggressive, while women are passive.
  3. Men are better in Mathematics and Science, while women are better in Languages and in Humanities.
  4. Boys play cars, while girls play dolls.
  5. Boys like the colour blue, while girls like the colour pink.

All of the…

Infinity Aspirations

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